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Address  :  Vasavi Health care ,Bbmp Maternity Hospital Premises, 1st Main Road,  Palace Guttahalli, Near Jhatka Stand,Bangalore - 560003.
Contact : 080 - 23466693 / 080- 23466694

“Health is Wealth”, a very common saying; but  what if there is no enough wealth to maintain the health??? This is the  present scenario of a common man. The medical facility prices have  multiplied in such a way that the richest becomes rich & rich  becomes poor. In this situation, social organizations should come  forward to help the common man.

Keeping  the present scenario under the eyes, people of Arya Vysya community  from north Bangalore have proposed and executed a health care center by  the name “Vasavi Health Care” under Hongirana Trust®, a sister concern  of Malleshwaram Arya Vysya Sangha. There are many social, religious,  cultural, health and educational activities organized by this  organization for the past 85 years.VASAVI HEALTH CARE is situated in BBMP Maternity hospital Premises, Place Guttahalli, Malleshwaram, Bangalore-560003. It was inaugurated on 4th Dec 2011.


There are only 2 types of treatment for kidney failure:

Kidney Transplantation: It is a process of replacing the kidney of a patient. This is a expensive treatment because of its medical and legal complications. Hence this treatment is rarely undertaken.

Kidney Dialysis: This is a lifelong process which directly affects the financial status of the family. In chronic cases, patients have to undergo dialysis twice or thrice a week and each session lasts for 5-6 hours. This will cost a minimum of Rs.1300.Whereas under Private hospitals it costs around Rs.2100.On the whole a patient has to spend around Rs.20, 000/- every month, which is not economical for a common middle class man.
To lessen the financial burden for such patients, dialysis treatment is given out at minimal rate of Rs 600/- with “efficient” nephrologists, technicians and trained doctors at “Vasavi Health Care”.

“Vasavi Health Care” has the facilities to accommodate 15 dialysis machines. Presently 5 machines are installed which are International Quality Certified. Machines will be brought in depending upon the requirement.


T.V facility and head phones are provided to each patient to listen to the music of his choice as the patient has to undergo dialysis for at least 4-5 hrs.


In case of Emergency:

If any patient’s condition becomes serious during dialysis, transportation facility is provided to shift the patient to the nearest hospital.


General Health:

Health checkups for common cold, fever, head ache, nausea etc is also provided by efficient physicians at 1st floor of the same building. Consultation fee is only Rs 10/-. This unit is working for all six days of the week except on Sunday.

Diabetic care unit:

Approx 20-25% of the population is suffering from diabetes. This can be prevented by disciplined diet advised by the physicians to lead a happy life.
A group of efficient doctors have come forward to educate diabetic patients about their diet and have also give instructions how to take care of their legs, eyes and various other body parts at “Vasavi Health Care”.
Every day, the unit of efficient diabetologist visits for the benefits of the patients. Consultations charges are very minimal.


Diagnostic laboratory:

The laboratory is equipped with advanced technological machines. This laboratory works for 6 days a week except on Sunday.
E.C.G, X-Ray and all lab facilities are provided at very nominal charges which decreases the financial burden of the patient.



“Vasavi Health Care” was inaugurated on 4th Dec 2011 by Hon’ble CM Sri. D.V. Sadananda Gowda, Sri D.H. Shankar Murthy, Hon’ble speaker, Legislative council and Dr. C.N Ashwath Narayan, MLA, Malleshwaram constituency at 5: 00 pm

The facilities at “Vasavi Health Care” are open to everyone without any discrimination of caste, creed, rich or poor.

Further Accomplishments (plans):

Online X-Ray and E.C.G facilities will be made available in the upcoming term.

Other medical services.


Mavs shown its keen interest to provide good medical services by giving justice.“service to humanity is service to god”. Vasavi has started a free dispensary service 20 years ago. At vasavi free dispensary, consultation, medicine, few basic investigations are done at free of cost and also patients are well taken care. Pathological, dental and physiotherapy services are also provided at very affordable prices

Vasavi free dispensary is located in separate medical wing of temple at east park road ,malleswaram. Even this medical wing is provided with vasavi dental care and vasavi bapist where services are provided to everyone in a very reasonable and charitable rates.

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